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Why the Lockdown can be the best time to start your weight loss journey?

In my car driving home and enjoying the traffic free London, listening to the radio : " guys see the lockdown as a chance of creation and productivity!!" the spokesman says....and suddenly boom! An idea hit me! He is right! Lockdown can be the best time for someone to start their weight loss journey. Let's see some of the reasons why?

  1. More time for yourself as working from home can save you from hours stuck in traffic.

  2. More time to check for healthy recipes online and cook your meals instead of grabbing a high calorie, high fat snack "on the go".

  3. Ability to have often and small meals throughout the day rather than dive to a big dinner coming from a loooong day at work where you didn't even had the chance to eat or hydrate enough.

  4. A chance to hydrate your self more as working from home means you can go to the loo as many times as you wish!!!

  5. You can spent more quality meal time as you can eat with your family around the table and allow enough time to finish your meal rather than squeezing a 5 min meal standing in the staff kitchen or in front of the computer screen because you need to leave the office before peak time.

At the end of the day let's be honest , weight loss it' has never been easy! We are mammals and by default we are designed to eat. From my experience as a Dietitian and also my personal experience of having to go through a weight loss program my self, I can assure you it takes a lot of effort physically and

mentally to get on track and achieve your goals. During this second National Lockdown while everything has paused take YOUR time to re set your goals and find the motivation you need!

And don't forget! Your Dietitian is always available even during a National Lockdown, thanks to technology!

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